About Katrin Engl

About Katrin Engl


Katrin Engl is a german interior architect and photographer. She loves to travel the world and capture its beauty. In 2012 she went on an 11 month trip around the world to follow her passion for photography. Since this journey she is focusing on travel and landscape photography but as a designer she also loves the colors and patterns that she can find in nature or architecture.

Her trip around the world took her to places like Indonesia, New Zealand, Cook Islands, Hawaii and a lot of countries in South America.

Since this journey she visited different countries all over the world like the beautiful countries of South Africa and Namibia, Cuba, Morocco and Sri Lanka.

Winter 2016 she was travelling through Southeast Asia and visited Bali, Thailand and Myanmar for 5 month and Iceland during the summer for 3 month. Especially Myanmar was a great photography experience for her.

In winter 2018/19 she visited the colorful country of India.

If you want to know more about her interor design & photography work visit the website www.ke-design.com (website in german)