Kuala Lumpur cityscape

On our way from Bali to Myanmar we had a five day stopover in Kuala Lumpur. A city that is allways worth to visit with it´s exciting architecture and mixed cultures. This view on the KL Tower and a colorful Graffiti wall we found in the late afternoon on our way to the Menara KH Tower in Bukit Bintag.

Kuala Lumpur KL Tower Graffiti wall

KL Tower with Graffiti wall

The Heli Lounge Bar in Kuala Lumpurs district Bukit Bintang is located in the Menara KH Tower on the 34th floor. The Bar has a great interior with a black and white painting of Kuala Lumpurs cityscape.

Kuala Lumpur Heli Lounge Bar

Kuala Lumpur Heli Lounge Bar interior

On the rooftop terrace you can have a drink while watching the sunset over the city with a 360° view.

Kuala Lumpur Heli lounge bar

Kuala Lumpur Heli lounge bar at sunset

Kuala Lumpur by night Heli lounge bR

Kuala Lumpur by night

But the best view on the Petronas towers is the one from the Sky Bar in the Traders Hotel.

Kuala Lumpur cityscape Petronas towers

Petronas towers – View from the Sky Bar at sunset

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